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About shungite

If you are getting care of your health, then you can be interested in information on our website. Want to get rid of the permanent tiredness, headaches, heartburn? But don't want to waste loads of money on synthetic pills disrupting your liver? Or your child doesn't make step off the computer, TV, PSP? Bad studied at school?
Perhaps, here you will find what you need.
Shungite has already helped lots of people with its unique influence on the human organism. Shungite has many others mysterious properties that have not even been explained by science, but it helps people.
However, you don't have to read what is written here. You are one-click away of closing the window. The decision is all yours...

We offer you shungite.

Shungite - is a natural mineral, amazing by its composition and structure of the breed with the unique conditions of formation. It has healing properties, which were already known to ancient tribes - the Slavs (rare ancestors of modern Russians). The only shungite mine in the world is located in the Karelia Republic, Russian Federation.
Shungite looks like an ordinary coal, at the same time it has a difficult chemical composition. It is composed of amorphous silicate matrix, based on - carbon. And carbon, is the basis for life on Earth. Rather recently were opened a new, previously unknown form of the existence of carbon, in the form of hollow spherical ions – fullerenes on which medics have high expectations.
Shungite is the only natural mineral in the world that contain fullerenes. It's explain its therapeutic properties. It helps to keep youth, beauty and freshness. Protects us from harmful influence of the environment.

Shungite daily usage.

Science has made the first steps in learning this amazing mineral. The sensational discovery of fullerenes in the shungite opens up the great opportunities to use it in Nano tech. The most interesting discoveries in this area is yet to come. But this does not prevent us from using schungite daily life today.

Using shungite activated water

Due to the properties of fullerenes on the surface of crumbled shungite sorbed water impurities harmful to the human health, especially, chlorine and its compounds, heavy metals, phosphorus, and nitrogen, as well as a number of dioxin, phenol, acetone, etc. So, shungite has excellent antibacterial properties. Water activation with schungite is the most popular application of the mineral . The ability of this mineral to purify water is amazing. Infused with shungite water changes its structure close to the structure of so-called "live" melt water, it is endowed with the ability to restore the health and rejuvenate the body: makes skin elastic, strengthens hair and restores the shine, soothes and removes irritation, itching, rash. Plus, the water interacts with shungite, saturated micronutrients. Daily washing with shungite water, reduces wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, giving it a healthy look. This simple procedure with regular pursuing can help get rid of the inflammation, acne, reduces redness and peeling. Schungite water compresses to help speed up the healing of wounds, cuts, blisters, abrasions, promote rapid healing of burns. With these packs are cured arthritis, varicose veins.

Using schungite stones in wells.

Place 30 - 60 kg schungite crumble at the bottom of the well, for purification water from bacterial contaminants, nitrates and oil. Water gets active properties. Shungite stone - an effective tool for water purification.
Using schungite stones for massage.

The ability of shungit to remove pain by direct contact, and even through any material, has led to the idea to make a overlays for the back, lower back, knee, etc., for people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Very effective is foot massage with schungite pebbles. At the same time stand on schungite stones for 1-2 minutes, or step on shungite sitting on a chair. During the procedure, be aware that shungite stones leave carbon footprints, so it is advisable to place schungite stones into the container (bowl or box), and immediately after the massage - wash the feet. Massage with shungit gravel affects on reflex zones located on the foot, improves blood flow to organs and tissues throughout the body, restores a sense of vigor, relieves fatigue in the legs, pain from varicose veins.

Application of shungite for the protection from harmful radiation.

Shungite has an unusual property - it almost mirrors the magnetic radiation, especially anthropogenic origin. Recent years, even decades, growing load of technogenic radiation on humans. There are light, and power cables, computers, TVs, microwave ovens, and especially - mobile phones, which brings directly to the head. Shungite can help to neutralize the negative effects of radiation, showing its outstanding properties:

- The ability to reflect the waves - Geomagnetic effect For protection from harmful radiation of mobile phones use schungite plates that are mounted on the surface next to the radiating antenna of cell phone.

Shungite room

Scientists have come to the idea of so-called "schungite rooms." The first of these rooms was built in the Military Medical Academy of St. Petersburg in 1996. It was visited by a large number of patients. The influence of the shungite helps many of them to cure from different diseases, sometimes very serious - diabetes, respiratory pathology, insomnia, depression in reduced period of time. Now schungite rooms can be visited in recreational facilities across Russia. The walls in this room do not pass any electromagnetic waves. It's not possible to use cell-phone in this room. You are placed in a peaceful environment, abstracting from the benefits of civilization. It has a positive effect on state of health.
In constructing of shungite room used tiles of different sizes and thickness or more efficiently brick from shungite.