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Since 2008 we made:

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About us

Our company is a joint German-Russian enterprise. It was established especial for promotingproducts from the unique mineral shungite on the European market.

Our Russian partners are the largest manufacturer and wholesale supplier of shungite products. Located in the Russian Federation in the Republic of Karelia. Has been producing goods from shungite since 2008.

The main competitive advantage of the company is that we are now ready to offer you shungite products from the warehouse in Germany. This allows to save money on shipping and receive in the shortest time the whole range of products from shungit. Which is very convenient as for retail purchase so for wholesale orders.

Our call-center currently set up and ready for the opening. Its managers will happy to answer all your questions in three languages (German, French, English). At the same time there is a supply of the goods to the warehouse, so that our customers can choose from the widest range of shungite products.

Our adress

"Karelischen Schungit Fabrik"

PO Box/1, Petrozavodsk, 185026, Russland

Our phones

+7 9214514209, +7 9004565333

UST ID :   1001279340/100101001


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