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Schungite stand for ball or egg, medium size


Using Schungite Health balls As many unique, simple and effective ideas, the tradition to use balls for health came to Europe from China. In the ancient China Health Balls were used by a small amount of devoted warriors for training manual dexterity and strength in martial art, mobilization of joints after injuries and developing such unique skills as instantaneous reaction, attention concentration and the ability to energy self-regulation. Over the centuries, Health Balls became widely popular not only in the East, but also in the West, as it was noticed that daily exercises with balls improve blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure, stabilize the nervous system and, in general, have positive effect on human psychological and physical condition. It was found that training with balls provides arm strength and develops intellectual potential of young people, helps the elderly get rid of illnesses. Spasms and arm muscle cramps, lack of mobility of joints disappear, mental abilities are retained on high level for a long time. They also help cope with fatigue and avoid unnecessary nervousness. To take it in brief, the basic exercises are rolling the balls between your palms from one hand to another hand clockwise and anticlockwise, rolling balls in the way they do not touch each (as more difficult version), tossing the balls up with one or both hands. This gymnastic seems to be easy, but it needs skills and training. As a technique is acquired, exercises become more complicated – adding more balls, using both hands at the same time, higher speed, walking etc. It is not necessary to make virtuosic tricks when exercising for health. The simplest exercises such us rubbing or rotating the balls in your hands clockwise and anticlockwise will be useful.

Price: 2.80 EUR
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