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Massager "pencil round" schungite


Length of 10 cm, diameter 1.4 cm


With the impact of massage pencil on different points on the body, you can achieve wellness and toning effect.

Pencil Shungite not only fatigue, but also can reduce pain in various parts of the body, and to make rassablyayuschy effect.

Acupressure - one of the oldest methods of treatment. It arose in the East, in what is now China, Korea, Mongolia and Japan after the ancient healers have noticed that on the human body, there are special "life" points associated with the internal organs and systems. By acting on these points, it was possible not only to improve the general condition of the patient, but also to restore the damaged organ function.


Basic to acupressure on the following principles:


1. A comprehensive approach to the treatment of each disease.


2. Slowness, thoroughness of all methods of treatment.


3. Treatment for each patient should be very individual.


While learning about Oriental acupressure professionals, modern researchers came to the conclusion that "biologically active points" (BAT) have a number of specific features:


low electro-resistance;

high electric potential;

high skin temperature;

high pain sensitivity;

increased absorption of oxygen;

high metabolism.

Locate a particular point you can simply by pressure with your fingertips on the surface of the skin. In contact with the point at the person a feeling of aching, numbness, even pain.


One of the advantages of acupressure is that the procedure of the meeting is quite simple, it requires no additional hardware and expensive devices. In addition, the impact zone for spot massage is very small.


Acupressure can be used to provide special medical care, as well as in combination with other treatments.

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