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Mug / cup Shungite to structure water


The water should be not just clean, but also structured. In this case, it provides normal metabolic processes in the body.

Mystical, with a positive effect on the health properties of structured water now it is no secret. Because, for example, one of the reasons of longevity and health of mountaineers is exactly what they are drinking structured water - glacier melt water.

It is this water gives Zhung.

But not only shungite structures the water, turning it into healing. This ancient, mysterious stone also clears it of chemical and bacteriological contamination. Even from petroleum products.

The fact that shungite contains fullerene carbon, and fullerenes - is the matrix of health, as they are called scientists. Fullerenes harmonize and structure the water so that it begins to affect just the diseased cells in the body, bringing them back to a healthy state. Due to its amazing structure, Shungite water not only helps to get rid of many diseases, and rejuvenate the body.

How to activate the water in a mug Shungite really just pour water infuse for 15-20 minutes and you'll get a clean, healthy water.




Price: 75.80 EUR
Weight: 0.33 Kg
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