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  • Ball Shungite and ball crimson quartzite

    Ball harmonizers - bioenergetic device, harmonizing the internal state of the body and helps protect delicate structure of the person from external damaging factors, and restore health

  • Shungite balls

    Large-diameter balls can be used as decoration, small-diameter balls - perfect for massage and exercises to develop fine motor skills

  • Tumbling stone

    Stones carved a special shape that allows for them to stone therapy, and other similar types of massage

  • Shungite pyramids

    The special shape of the pyramids makes it an excellent protector of your home from harmful radiation from home appliances.

Shungite high polished pyramid 10cm


These pyramid golden ratio, offering on this page store trebuyutosobogo production equipment and meeting certain standards in production, any otlonenie proportion of the golden section can affect the strength of the healing qualities of the pyramids! We can assure that our production standards are observed with great accuracy, since we are interested in giving the customer the highest quality and energy of a strong product, with Makimalno pronounced healing properties.

Our pyramid made in proportions golden section, create around themselves a powerful torsion field. This field is so strong that 8 out of 10 people feel it in your hands brought near to the top of the pyramid.

This field is a powerful protector of electromagnetic radiation, creating a special barrier. Moreover, the vast majority of psychics say that high pyramids made by the proportion of the golden section, creating around the torsion field suppress the so-called energy-impact (in common parlance - evil eye, damage).

The same high pyramid, set in the room - contributes to the harmonization of the atmosphere, helping to eliminate the negative impact of the field, which is formed as a result of negative emotions: resentment, anger and quarrels.

Usually, to achieve the effect of harmonizing the atmosphere in a standard room (14-18 square meters), enough of one pyramid size 5-6, and especially 7 centimeters. Placing a pyramid at home or at work you immediately notice the result - character even ochenvspylchivyh people become more balanced and calm, conflict will be resolved peacefully through dialogue and peaceful.

In many ways, this effect is achieved due to the body's reaction to the appearance of the premises of the energy field created by the pyramid is the golden section: improved health, is strengthening the nervous system, increasing immunity and is recharged all the systems of the body!

We, in turn, ensure that all of our pyramid meet the standards of the golden section and have the greatest impact, and energy healing! By purchasing our pyramid, you can be assured of the quality and availability of those same properties found in the pyramids of golden section in your pyramid!

Price: 54.99 EUR
Weight: 1.6 Kg
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