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  • Ball Shungite and ball crimson quartzite

    Ball harmonizers - bioenergetic device, harmonizing the internal state of the body and helps protect delicate structure of the person from external damaging factors, and restore health

  • Shungite balls

    Large-diameter balls can be used as decoration, small-diameter balls - perfect for massage and exercises to develop fine motor skills

  • Tumbling stone

    Stones carved a special shape that allows for them to stone therapy, and other similar types of massage

  • Shungite pyramids

    The special shape of the pyramids makes it an excellent protector of your home from harmful radiation from home appliances.

Talisman shungit "Angel Scorpio Zatahiel". A circle.


Angel Scorpio primarily engaged in devotion and intellectual quest. Zatahiel very interested in dreams and their interpretation. If you dream you are confused, it can give you the answers that you are looking for. He is also interested in any kind of detective or investigative activities. If he is looking for an angel of the Virgin minor clues and little tips and matching angel Scorpion great scout the whole truth and work with large volumes of information to draw a conclusion.

Zatahiel unusual mystical way. As the angel of Libra, he is interested in mysteries, but in this case he has to deal with the secrets of the dead. He is involved in the transformation of a person, whether it occurs at birth, death and life after death. Zatahiel also manages the physical forces and occult research and knowledge. Ask for his blessing for any form of divination. Angel Scorpio great help when working on criminal cases, which relate to the murder or mysterious death.

Zatahiel will make in your life power, unless you specifically ask him about it. He instantly help you if you will be exposed to attacks of your ideas or beliefs.

Protector of Birth: October 23/24 - 21/22 November

Colors: red, brown and black

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Angelic hour: Cass

The ruling spirits: Rahal and Sayssaiil

Price: 3.00 EUR
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