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  • Ball Shungite and ball crimson quartzite

    Ball harmonizers - bioenergetic device, harmonizing the internal state of the body and helps protect delicate structure of the person from external damaging factors, and restore health

  • Shungite balls

    Large-diameter balls can be used as decoration, small-diameter balls - perfect for massage and exercises to develop fine motor skills

  • Tumbling stone

    Stones carved a special shape that allows for them to stone therapy, and other similar types of massage

  • Shungite pyramids

    The special shape of the pyramids makes it an excellent protector of your home from harmful radiation from home appliances.

Big unpolished pyramids 15 cm


One of the most effective tools against geopathogenic radiation is Shungite pyramid, it can not simply reduce the negative, negative environmental effects, but reflect, neutralize geopathic rays. Shungite pyramid will help you protect your home or any premises from the electromagnetic radiation of computers and televisions, refrigerators, etc. Just Shungite pyramid will help you clean coins, jewelry and other items from the negative field. Place the pyramid on the table student, and it will help him to better focus and presence in the office will increase the efficiency and harmonizes the atmosphere.

Range Shungite pyramid depending on the length of the base:

Length - radius

4 cm - 1.6 m

5 cm - 2.8 m

6 cm - 3.8 m

7 cm - 4.5 m

8 cm - 6.5 m

9 cm - 8 m

10 cm - 10 m

15 cm - 17 m

20 cm - 22 m

25 cm - 27 m

Price: 39.99 EUR
Weight: 1.6 Kg
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